• 9 Years of Moulding Brands

    Biz M8 through its subsidiaries has spent the past nine years redefining excellence in our service and product offerings.

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Over 9 years of redefining excellence

We’ve spent the past 9 years redefining excellence in our service and product offerings. Biz M8 Group and its subsidiaries (Biz M8 Cr8iv, Biz M8 Tech and Biz M8 Worx) has teams of qualified, skilled and talented experts with vast industry experience in their respective fields.

Biz M8 Worx

Biz M8 Worx is a diversified transport and logistics, engineering and construction, infrastructure and related services company involved in resources, energy and real estate.

Biz M8 Tech

Biz M8 Tech is a technology subsidiary of the Biz M8 Group that provides services and products within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Biz M8 Hub

Biz M8 Hub is a centre for innovation skills development consisting of innovative within various sectors to empower South African SMMEs proudly by powered by Biz M8 Group.

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