• Market-U

    Supplier Enterprise Development Programme


The South African government recognises Small Micro and Medium Enterprises as the backbone of the economy. SMMEs employers account for 14% total employment and contribute 42% to the GDP. There are about 2 251 821 SMMEs in South Africa, about 133 134 of these SMMEs operate in the transport and communications sector. It is currently not known how many of these entities are within various sectors of the economy, however there has been an increase within the transport, marketing and communications sectors. The National Development Plan (NDP) envisages that the small business sector will create 90% of the expected 11 million jobs by 2030.

Central to South Africa’s solution for unemployment is the upskilling and the creation of an enabling environment for entrepreneurship. Research indicates that the local economic development of each community is driven by increase of SMMEs. Thus, the creation of jobs in the country not only lies with government and the private sector, but a huge majority of it SMMEs with the rural and township communities. In an ideal scenario, we envision a South Africa with more job creators than job seekers.

Market-U is a national entrepreneurship-communications capacity building programme. In light of business migration to online spaces, Market-U seeks to capacitate SMEs with advanced Information Computer Technology (ICT) skills and knowledge to market themselves effectively, improve competitive advantage and seize to be victims of the ‘digital divide’ gap. Investment in specific ICT training and education promises a greater return on investment when combing with it with investment in internet infrastructure.


  • Increase awareness and create interest within the main sectors that are driving the economy;
  • Capacitate SMMEs, through workshops, with relevant business skills to support their operations; and
  • Propel unemployed youth to take advantage of the employment opportunities within the various sectors in society.